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About Us

The team that lets you build more, while configuring less

A software development house with 8 years of experience building & maintaining software for enterprise organizations and applications for startups

Asistensia is based on three pillars:

  • Streamlined processes.
  • Proven technologies.
  • Talented people.

The combination of these things makes us one of the top software development companies.


Simple Solutions for Complex Problems.

Ruby On Rails

If you’re looking for a great Ruby on Rails experts, then look no further!


Custom wordpress website, optimiztion and SEO friendly

Mobile Development

Asistensia has expertise in both native and cross-platform technologies

Software Testing

Numerous types of quality assurance testing for web and mobile applications

AWS DevOps

We use AWS for provision and managing thousands of containers for startups.

Microsoft Azure DevOps

Do you prefer Microsoft Azure? Asistensia has Azure Cloud experts for your need.

Google Cloud Platform DevOps

Want to build scalable apps using Google's global, reliable infrastructure

Digital Ocean DevOps

Using Digital Ocean? Asistensia help setup and manage their complete stack on 24/7 basis.

Managed Kubernetes

Asistensia can bootstrap a new Kubernetes cluster, or help manage an existing Kubernetes cluster.

Infrastructure as code

Asistensia can convert your Cloud infrastructure into version controlled Terraform templates.


We setup and manage both integration and continuous delivery pipelines for startups and software development companies

Cloud Automation

Using different automation tools and frameworks, we draw a plan to convert available resources into infrastructure as a code

Cloud Management

Many times, our team takes full responsibility of managing customer app stack running on AWS, Azure, GCP or Digital Ocean.

Why choose us?

Several years of work on organization development and service design let us gain the trust of global businesses

Asistensia is a world-class team working globally. Our clients are business owners looking to create new products or improve existing software solutions.

Our organizational structure is designed to give our clients access to the best talent and the most effective approaches to build software.

Streamlined processes

The more efficient workflow, the more efficient the employees. Our process allows for maintaining the quality of work, automating software delivery pipeline and increasing team morale

Talented people

We seek talented multi-dimensional individuals and invest in them by offering one of the strongest career mentoring and training programs in our city.

Proven technologies

The result of our work is software that satisfies the CISQ code quality standards. It is secure, maintainable, efficient, and reliable. With reliable software, it's easy to grow.






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Hard Workers

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Need an urgent support? or Got an amazing business idea? Let’s bring it to market together.

Asistensia is your technology partner in product development.

Our workflow is divided into three core processes: ideation and evaluation, product design, and product development. Quality assurance is an integral part of both of these processes.

Dealing with a new product, at this stage, we want to understand how promising a business plan is, will a product be viable and what markets can be interested in it.

Infrastructure management and DevOps.

Management and support are the ongoing processes that are present across the whole life cycle of a project.

We maintain the integrity of our code and provide regular updates. Our ongoing maintenance packages include software updates, website speed optimization, backups, compliance with constantly updated web standards, user experience improvements, security improvements, and more..

Business-critical enterprise solutions normally take lots of time to develop. With our efficient engineering processes, we implement enterprise features fast while ensuring scalability and flexibility. We can help you transform your organization with custom software that runs quickly and smoothly.


At Asistensia we have a clear organizational structure with leading positions occupied by experienced professionals in business analysis, DevOps, development, management, and quality assurance.

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  • 20 Hours per Month
  • Business Hours
  • 24/7 System Support
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  • 60 Hours per Month
  • 24/7 System Support
  • Production Monitoring
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  • 100 Hours per Month
  • 24/7 Production Monitoring
  • Business Hours DevOps
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  • 80 Hours per Month
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Frequently Asked Questions

Team with a strong tech experience who always gets your work done.

  • DevOps Expert team is capable of doing any automation. Setup Continuous Integration and delivery/deployment (CICD). Setup high availability, fail-over, auto-scaling. Analyze infrastructure and do cost optimization. Data migration and conversions. Setup to minimize regional latency.

  • Setup alarms, receive, verify, escalate and open tickets. Prepare site reliability reports. Web page scans. Manual application functionality checks on various devices. Retrieve logs through script, analyze and report findings.

  • Managing includes monitoring, upgrades, backups, SSL, DNS and troubleshooting of Development, QA, UAT and production environments. Manage team has decades of experience managing applications and cloud infrastructure. Team slowly ramp management tasks and get better each day as gain more understanding of application stack.

  • Hours in a plan are expected to be used over a month. In some urgency or emergency, hours may be used earlier. Team may also work additional hours if so required. Monitoring or Manage feature may be removed from plan if not needed. Plans can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled with 30-day notice.

  • Yes. In our plans we prefer customer who have possibility to stay with us longer. We do one-off or emergency tasks, however our fees for such tasks will depend on its complexity and urgency and hourly rate will certainly be much higher then in our plans.

  • Yes. We provide junior to senior member on 3+ months. Our member work 40 hours a week and covers some hours in customer time zone or on-site. Advantage of using our team member full-time is that the member has access to architechural level support on customer tasks when needed.

  • Our DevOps team responds to requests within 2 to 4 hours during normal business hours. With mutual agreement DevOps team will be available for some tasks that can't be done during business hours. Our 24/7 team depending on customer requirement can responds from 1-hour to under 15 minutes. We set up PagerDuty, OpsGenie etc. Team can provide SLA based very high uptime guarantees for production environment when required. Such guarantees are provided after few months of on-boarding.

  • We serve financial, health and e-commerce sectors also requiring SOC 2, PCI, HIPPA, GDPR and ISO 27001 compliances. We deploy multiple layers of security. This starts from secure workstations to external request logging at our office network. We routinely audit our processes, and add tools to strenthen our defense. Our employees sign NDA and other documents for data security and privacy.

  • After 30-minutes free consultation, Asistensia will send a commercial proposal. On its acceptance, Service Agreement/NDA to be signed. Soon after we form a team to work on customer’s stack. Our team adopts to customer’s workflow and respond to Slack, Jira, Asana, Microsoft Team or emails requests. Time spent is logged in Toggl. Monthly reports are available on request. Invoice is generated every 30-days which is to be paid by Credit Card, ACH, Wire Transfer

  • We can start work within 24 hours of signing NDA/Agreement. Understanding of application and infrastructure takes time. Depending on how simple or complex setup is, it will take our team a day to few weeks to complete different types of tasks. A gradual ramp up works well with our team.